Take control of your body

Take control of your body

Kelly Stegen empowers people to take control of their weight and transform their lives. You don’t have to be a slave to food

Need to change your lifestyle and lose weight and keep it off for good? Look no further than Kelfit lifestyle, run and managed by Northern KZN’s very own Kelly Stegen.

Kelly creates a unique and personalised eating plan to suit your individual needs, whether you exercise or not

Kelly is a Dundee born farm girl who grew up in Newcastle and spent her high school years in Newcastle. She was deputy head girl of Ferrum High School and although sporty in school, had always battled with weight issues…After leaving school, Kelly was lucky enough to get into journalism and got a job as journalist for The Get it Magazine. She went on to become Editor of the Northern KZN Get it Magazine for five years.
“I absolutely loved working for Caxton and The Get it- travelling around Northern KZN and discovering new places and meeting interesting people was amazing”
But after five years, Kelly yearned for the bright lights of the city and moved to the coast where she got into fitness and nutrition. “It began when I decided one day that I was fed up with yo-yo dieting and battling with my weight! I decided that I didn’t ever want to feel uncomfortable in my skin or look like that ever again…

Nutrition is my number one passion

I watched my first fitness show and decided I was going to transform my body as well. It took me 12 weeks to transform my body and enter my first bikini fitness show. I started doing fitness and bodybuilding contests and have gone on to compete in five competitions. I am doing my sixth in August this year…”
“I then started helping people as a hobby on the sideline, but after reading up and studying, I developed my own brand, Kelfit Lifestyle, and have turned it into a successful and thriving business. Since starting my business two years ago, I have helped hundreds of people all over South Africa and even abroad as far as Texas, Australia, Scotland and UK achieve their weight loss and fitness goals.”

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Kelly creates a unique and personalised eating plan to suit your individual needs, whether you exercise or not. The principles of the eating plan are based on clean eating, proper nutrition and planned cheat meals once a week. Kelly will teach you everything you need to know about healthy eating, drinks, good fats, exercise, training and what to eat when traveling or eating out. She becomes your friend and mentor and gives you the skills you need to complete the 12-week challenge with ease and to change the way you live your life and the choices you make, but also that of your family as well.
When signing up, you will receive a nutritional meal plan, home or gym training programme, daily and weekly updates and recipes, unlimited online support, as well as a maintenance plan once the 12 weeks are done.

The only way to lose weight is the healthy way

“Nutrition is my number one passion…I am obsessed with food and finding healthier choices for my clients to try. I have designed a recipe page on my members only website, as well as on Facebook where you can find all sorts of yummy treats like fat-free carrot cake and choc-protein brownies and healthy Chicken Ala King and so many better and healthier versions of all of our comfort foods. I send these recipes to my clients weekly to make their new lifestyle a bit more interesting as well.

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Being an overweight child myself and battling with my weight my whole life, I am totally dedicated to helping others. I picked up 30kg after the birth of my little girl and know what the struggle is like for most new moms. I truly believe that one of the reasons my business is so successful is because I have walked the same path as many women have! I have been fat, I have been thin, tried every diet and diet pill under the sun. I have had an eating disorder and I have also tried laxatives and every quick fix out there. I know what a battle it is if you’re not genetically lean and prone to picking up weight quickly!
I truly believe the only way to lose weight is the healthy way, it’s a lifestyle change! No shake or pill can help you if your head is not in the right space!


Northern KZN & Midlands Get It November 2018

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