Win something handy for the house

Win something handy for the house

Kroko has a new range of handy products and you could be one of two lucky winners to try these products out yourself

Stand a chance of winning one of two Kroko hampers worth R450 each. The hampers each include Kroko WartFix, Kroko FingerFix, Kroko SkinFilm and Kroko CornFix, perfect for small emergencies around the house.

To win, all you need to do is fill in the form bellow:

This competition has expired


The Competition runs from 28 June until 25 July 2016.

If you are an employee of Caxton (or of its shareholders, any of their subsidiaries, franchises, dealers or any company affiliated to its shareholders), or to be a family member or business partner of such a person, you are unfortunately automatically disqualified from this competition.

Entrants must be over 18 and be residents of SA.

A winner will be randomly drawn.
The prize is not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
Winners will be notified via phone.

We will treat all personal information obtained through your entry as private and confidential.


Kroko, the well known name in foot care since 1936, have extended their range of high quality products.  Kroko WartFix, Kroko FingerFix, Kroko SkinFilm and Kroko CornFix are the latest new products recently launched.

Kroko WartFix treats the common wart and is a painless treatment suitable for the whole family.  It is child friendly from the age of four years upwards.  Kroko WartFix is a fast-drying liquid which forms a flexible cover over the wart.  The bottle’s special applicator applies the exact amount of liquid needed, resulting in minimum mess and wastage.

Kroko FingerFix is a hygienic, waterproof, colourless liquid plaster.  It treats those painful little cracks that develop on fingers (and feet) and which are caused by continued exposure to heat, cold, water or external irritants like detergents.  Once applied, it forms a moisture proof layer to prevent cracks from re-opening and protects the wound as it heals.  Its main benefit is that it acts as a plaster without the bulkiness and discomfort of conventional plasters which so often become grubby or detach when wet.

Kroko SkinFilm is a liquid plaster for treating minor cuts, scratches and small grazes.  It is unsuitable for larger wounds or grazes as it causes a brief stinging sensation when applied.  The specially designed applicator cap allows just the right amount of liquid to be applied to a wound and once dry, it forms a waterproof, protective plaster allowing bodily healing to take place. This formula was specially designed for fingers and hands which are often immersed in water. The waterproof, flexible and invisible dressing does not wash off easily and can be replaced with further layers until healing is complete

Kroko CornFix is a liquid application to treat corns.  After soaking the foot in hot water for at least 5 minutes the softened surface can be removed by rubbing with a pumice stone or emery board, then apply Kroko CornFix to the corn and cover with a Kroko protective plaster.

* It is important to note that when using Kroko FingerFix or Kroko SkinFilm, the affected area must be thoroughly cleaned with warm water and a liquid antiseptic, then dried well before all Kroko applications.  The instructions for each pack should be read carefully before beginning treatment. Diabetics are advised not use Kroko WartFix as they may have a problem with the skin healing.

Kroko WartFix, Kroko FingerFix, Kroko SkinFilm and Kroko Cornfix  are available from Clicks, Dis-Chem, Medi-Rite, Pick ‘n Pay Pharmacies and select pharmacies.                                


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