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6 Health myths – busted

6 Health myths – busted

We’ve all heard these health statements at least once in our lives … but are they true?
  1. Eating a lot of carrots give you great vision

Yes, vitamin A (found in carrots) is good for the health of your eyes — but eating a bunch of carrots won’t give your all-seeing powers.

  1. Hair and nails keep growing after death

Hair and fingernails do not keep growing once someone dies. Instead, the skin dries out and shrinks, giving the appearance of further growth.

  1. Your microwave can give you cancer and disrupt your pacemaker

Microwave radiation won’t cause cancer. Only a few types of radiation causes cancer, and these depend on the dose. Radiation from the sun can cause skin cancer, for example, but just enough helps your body make Vitamin D, too. Microwaves also won’t disrupt a pacemaker. However, things like anti-theft systems, metal detectors, powerful refrigerator magnets, mobile phones, and even headphones can influence it negatively.

  1. The five-second-rule

Eating food off the floor before five seconds doesn’t mean your food isn’t contaminated by bacteria. Your food is contaminated within milliseconds. Instead the safety factor depends on how clean the surface is you dropped the food on.

  1. Milk prevents bone fractures

Multiple studies show that there isn’t any association between drinking more milk and having fewer bone fractures.

  1. You can cure a hangover by drinking more

A mimosa or Bloody Mary in the morning won’t make you feel better. At best, you’re just prolonging the hangover. The same goes for coffee after a night of drinking. Like alcohol, coffee is a diuretic, so it will dehydrate your body even more and likely prolong the hangover.

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