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Feel the music

Feel the music

Weenen’s beautiful musician Chloë Clark talks about her many projects, her experience in Idols, performing with Ronan Keating and spending Christmas at home with family

For an artist, being on stage must be one of the most fulfilling experiences you could ever have. But when you are a small town girl from Weenen, like Chloë Clark, that dream might seem unobtainable. But then, if you think that… you certainly don’t know Chloë.
This accomplished musician bubbles with enthusiasm. It’s hard to be in her presence without getting wrapped up in her excitement. “There are so many things in life for you to experience, so why not be excited and embrace those experiences with joy in your heart?”

I have amazing parents who lead a church NGO called ‘Little Apples.’ They teach pre-primary children basic skills to give them the best possible start in life

She is currently involved in numerous musical projects. She has her own band, called Chloë Clark, and she is involved in a project with an old piano lecturer she had at varsity.
She performs with an orchestra, sings and plays piano for the project she shares with a very talented violinist. Plus she works with a local DJ. And if you think that is a lot… you will be surprised to know what else this energetic pianist can fit into one day.
She grew up in Mooi River, where she attended school. Later on, she went to Treverton, where she completed high school. “By the time I went to Treverton, my parents had moved to Weenen. I have amazing parents who lead a church NGO called ‘Little Apples.’ They teach pre-primary children basic skills to give them the best possible start in life.”
After finishing school, she took a few detour years studying business and music, and even did her Honours in Jazz Vocal Techniques. “My love for music started when I was basically born. I’ve always loved singing. I started playing piano when I was eight and joined my first band at 11.
We were called ‘One Way’ and we played quite a few festivals. It was so much fun! At high school, I took part in all the cultural and drama activities I could. Treverton College is such a good school, so there was never a lack of activities.”

CC22016 (Medium)
At varsity, another opportunity came along when her piano lecturer needed a singer for a project he was involved in. “It just took off from there.
Pretty soon we needed a drummer and a bassist, and it just grew and grew. We do old classics and put a jazz spin on it just to kind of ease people into the jazz sound.”
Leading up to the silly season, Chloë is trying to juggle a very busy schedule. “I’ve spent some time in Cape Town promoting my new album, doing television and radio interviews. I’ve been in Johannesburg coaching; that’s my way of giving back to the youth. I’m involved in a project with a couple of local DJs and I’m starting up a duo with a very talented violinist. As the festive season gets into full swing, we will be super busy with corporate functions which are always loads of fun to do.”
With her new album, she had the chance to return home to Northern KZN, where she did a few shows in the Midlands. This is how she got to find out about Northern KZN Get It. “I live in Durban and we have Durban Get It and Ballito/Umhlanga Get It.
I went to see the dentist in Ladysmith and in the waiting room, I picked up a copy and couldn’t believe we have our own mag. I just knew I had to grab the chance to introduce myself to my favourite part of KZN.”

I love singing, I think it’s a wonderful platform to connect to people

She will be returning to Weenen soon to celebrate Christmas with her family. “I love the festive season, especially the family aspect of it. My sister will be flying in from South Korea and we are all so excited to see her again and just be together.
Christmas is the perfect excuse to get together, eat way too much and just be silly. We normally have a braai. We have water fights with balloons and water guns. And sometimes, when my uncle is there, we put on a play for him. He has Down Syndrome and we just love making things extra fun for him.”
After the Christmas festivities are over, it’s back to reality for this song bird. “We normally have functions over New Year. I love singing, I think it’s a wonderful platform to connect to people. Being involved in the music industry, you get to be part of so many wonderful things. I was involved in the Toy Story launch with East Coast Radio and it’s so amazing to speak into people’s lives like that.”
In future, she would like to see her music go international. “It’s my dream to share my music with the world. I take every day as it comes, and I know that hard work does pay off in the end. Persistence opens doors. And I am a firm believer in dreaming big. If you’re going to dream, dream big.”

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She has performed with the likes of Ronan Keating and many other well-known names in the industry. She has taken part in reality shows like ‘The Voice’ and ‘Idols.’ “I think taking part in reality shows is a wonderful opportunity for you to get to know other like-minded people. I’ve made so many close friends.
You spend so much time with them in a very stressful situation, so you bond super fast. People should not get the wrong idea about reality shows. It’s not about winning. Sure, everyone wants to win, but you take from it much more than that, it really is an amazing experience.”
And if you think this is the only thing this reality TV star does… you’d be wrong. When she is not singing, writing or practicing music, she is going on hikes, canoeing, surfing (but she’d rather not talk about that), and moving around in the Durban elite social circles with breakfast clubs and the Café Society.
“Music moves me; I have a magical connection with it. Music has the ability to take you back in time. It makes you remember what you felt and experienced. Music becomes part of us, as our memories intertwine with the melodies. I was born to make music, to add spice to the memories of others.”


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