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Celebrate Easter with a colourful windowsill flowerbed

Celebrate Easter with a colourful windowsill flowerbed

A novel way to celebrate Easter is to create a special fenced indoor flowerbed to transform a windowsill in your house or apartment. Here Bosch shows you how to accomplish this creative DIY project in five easy steps

The beauty of this particular DIY project is that it allows you to give old scrap wood a new lease on life, transforming low-cost materials into a decorative fence for your Easter flowerbed, Bosch Measuring Tools Brand Manager Sebastian Johannes comments.

Moreover, the project is a cinch thanks to the full range of tools from Bosch, designed to turn every DIY project into an effortless masterpiece. In this instance, you will require a PLR 15 laser measure, a Uneo cordless rotary hammer, and a PST 650 jigsaw. Other accessories are sanding paper for wood, a set square, and a pencil.

Step 1:

Use a Bosch laser measure to measure the windowsill quickly and accurately. This translates into the length required for the wooden slat comprising the fence, onto which the individual pieces will be fixed.


Step 2:

Use different types of scrap wood to make up the individual components of the fence. Add variety by varying the thickness of the wood used, from 10 mm to 20 mm. Use a pencil and set square to mark the desired shape on the small boards beforehand.

Step 3:

Next use the Bosch PST 650 Jigsaw to cut the individual components according to the shapes delineated on them. Ensure that you sand the cut edges afterwards for safety reasons.

Step 4:

Now use a Cordless Bosch drill to fit the individual components of the fence onto the main wooden slat. This is best done by means of 30-mm-long wood screws.


Step 5:

The final step is to place the finished fence on an indoors windowsill. Now let your imagination run wild when deciding how to style your mini-garden in celebration of Easter!

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