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Going On a Road Trip for the long weekend?

Going On a Road Trip for the long weekend?

There is nothing quite like heading out on the open road for a long weekend retreat, with nothing but fresh air and blue sky ahead of you

It is a good idea to check what your motor insurance policy stipulates around tyre damage, especially if you should have the misfortune of hitting a pothole on the way to your holiday destination,” says Mandy Barrett of insurance brokers and risk advisors, Aon South Africa.  “Most insurance policies will not cover tyre damage from a pothole, unless another part of the vehicle was damaged in the same incident.  It is, however, possible to claim from local municipalities for damage inflicted upon tyres due to poor road conditions,” she adds.

“It is also important to note that incidents of car remote jamming are still rife at shopping centres and service stations on route to holiday destinations.  Criminals gain access to your parked vehicle by watching when you attempt to lock your vehicle, and block your car remote signal with a standard home remote which operates at the same frequency.  This prevents the locking action of the car from being activated, leaving your vehicle and all its contents open to being ransacked.  It is crucial to be aware of the practice and to physically check that your vehicle’s doors are locked before you walk away from it,” urges Mandy.

It is easy to overlook the importance of insurance cover for your goods that you take out of the home on holiday.  “Take the time to check that your valuable possessions are covered against theft, loss or damage outside the home.  Perhaps even include it in your household and motor insurance review, paying special attention to the difference between household contents cover and All Risks items,” Mandy suggests.

“Remember that household contents cover means just that – contents that stay within the home,” warns Mandy. “The minute an item is removed from your home, it ceases to be covered under household contents unless it is specified under the All Risks section of your insurance policy.  All Risks cover is different, even though it may apply to the same items. Should a camera be lost in a burglary, for example, it would be covered under your household contents insurance. But that very same item, removed from your home and taken along on summer vacation, ceases to be covered unless it is specified under the all risks section of your policy.”

All risks items such as jewellery or watches need to be regularly re-valuated by a professional valuator.  With the fluctuating Rand exchange rate, such items can easily cost up to 25% or more than its original purchase price. Take the time to check what your policy wording says about a safe warranty on jewellery items, as it will be applicable to your holiday residence too,” says Mandy.


Aon offers a quick checklist before you head out on the open road for your holiday:

  • Check that any trailers and cars are roadworthy and properly licensed.
  • Make sure your tracking device is operational.
  • Pay any outstanding traffic fines.
  • Check your all risks cover for those expensive cameras, sunglasses, cell phones and so on that you take with you on your break.
  • Ensure your driver’s license is still valid and if you are travelling outside SA, check the territorial limits of your cover regarding cross-border requirements – some countries insist on license papers or proof of insurance.
  • Physically check that your car doors are locked before walking away from the vehicle.


The services of a professional broker are invaluable in evaluating your insurance policy – sometimes knowing exactly what you are not covered for is as valuable as knowing what is covered. A broker is adept at assessing gaps in your cover and ensuring that you get a well-conceived insurance programme that accounts for your unique needs and risk profile, while matching your available budget.  Your broker will also assess whether any exclusions or special conditions exist on your policy and that you are not unknowingly compromised.  Now is the perfect time to plan ahead and to ensure that there are no surprises waiting for you come claims time, and that your holiday is as enjoyable and stress-free as it can be,” concludes Mandy.

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