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New roses for the summer of 2017 from Ludwig’s Roses.

New roses for the summer of 2017 from Ludwig’s Roses.

Here are the new roses from Ludwig for the summer of 2017. There is a very drought tolerant variety as well as some lovely old fashioned types.

‘Eye of the Tiger’ (CHEWbullseye (P))– Colourscape rose

The brilliant crimson eye in the centre of each bloom where the five apricot coloured petals meet, make this hip-high shrub rose a rare and remarkable rose. The ‘Rosa persica’ in its parentage makes it extremely hardy and drought resistant, easy to grow and really tough. It is disease resistant too.

Garden uses: Plant it as an immaculate border, for a show stopping patio centrepiece in a large pot or find any sunny spot for it in your garden.

‘Panna cotta’ (HORtemptress (P)) – Colourscape shrub rose

Ideally suited as a hedge rose, it flowers from top to bottom for most of the year, producing clusters of shapely apricot-cream blooms. The flowers drop off cleanly as they age so there is no need for dead heading or trimming. The leaves are impervious to fungus disease.

Garden uses: Can be planted as free-standing feature specimens. They do well in large pots and form a hedge when spaced about 1m apart.

‘Sylvie-joy’ (LUDclocobarley) – Fairytale rose

A bushy knee-high rose with disease-resistant foliage, and large apricot-coloured blooms, that have a delightfully fruity fragrance. The blooms last well on the bush and as short stemmed roses for the vase. This rose was named for Sylvia Joy Sutherland by her family in honour of her courageous spirit while suffering from Motor Neuron Disease.

Garden uses: A good rose for containers, in front of taller roses or in a mixed bed of roses.

‘Riana Joubert’ (‘Riana Joubert’ (LUDjealtic (P)) – Antico Moderno rose

Unmistakeably fragrant, the quartered rosette blooms open into large 6 – 7cm Centifolia-like blooms. The colour is a deep apricot with tones of lilac-pink as the blooms mature. This Eco-chic variety is repeat flowering and grows to hip-height with sturdy, straight stems and glossy, healthy leaves.

Garden uses: Ideal for planting in flower beds and shrubberies, or massed. It is also charming in a container. It reacts well to hedge-like trimming during the season if a very formal look is required.

‘Forever Delight’ (‘Forever Delight’ (POTforever (P)) – floribunda rose

This is a floribunda version of the all-time favourite, ‘Double Delight’. The blooms of this Eco-chic rose also have a cream base, with a scarlet blush over the petal edges that intensifies as the blooms unfold. It’s clusters of intensely-coloured blooms are produced almost non-stop. As some are fading, new buds are developing.

Garden uses: Plant this rose en mass on its own in a bed, for a striking statement, grow it in a pot or mix and match it with others.

The roses are available through all Ludwig’s Roses outlets. For more information contact 012 5440144 or email info@ludwigsroses.co.za or visit www.ludwigsroses.co.za

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