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Black Friday Survival Guide – 10 Days to go!

Black Friday Survival Guide – 10 Days to go!

The countdown to Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the calendar year, has begun. To make the most of the specials available on 24 November, you need to make sure your shopping game is strong.

Kevin Tucker, founder and CEO of PriceCheck, says this year’s savings are going to be irresistible. “We’ll bring the best prices to you so you don’t have to waste time trawling the internet or malls,” he says.

Follow these five survival tips for a successful shopping spree:

  1. Get in the (on) line!

Skip the never-ending in-store queues and keep your finger on the “Add to Cart” button instead. On any other day, shopping at a busy mall might be bearable, but on Black Friday online shopping, with PriceCheck as your point of departure, is the way to go. Your feet will thank you.

  1. Recognise a good deal immediately

Prices can be deceiving, and pressure shopping might result in paying over the odds. To avoid disaster, we recommend using a product discovery and comparison service, such as PriceCheck, to run a quick search to confirm you’ve landed a deal, before you commit.

  1. Save more: Use Black Friday for early Christmas shopping

You may have a few items on your personal wish-list, but you may want to extend your Black Friday wish-list to include Christmas gifts for family, friends, teachers, clients and the likes. You can even use the low-price shopping day to secure a discounted year-end holiday, with flights and hotel accommodation added to your shopping list. PriceCheck, as example, is offering special discounts on products in 24 categories for a full 24 hours.

  1. Have a wish-list

When temptation comes in the form of a special, it’s difficult to stick to a budget! We recommend compiling a list of what you’d like to purchase before the chaos of Black Friday takes hold. Plan what you want to buy, then browse the web to find the best deals available.

  1. Follow for more info

We all know that if you want the latest news, social media is where you’ll find it. Make sure you follow Pricecheck as well as all your favourite retailers to know what deals you can expect and don’t forget to sign up to newsletters to be one of the first to receive Black Friday announcements on deals and discounts.

Ok, now that we have the logistics out of the way, enjoy your savings. Ready, set, PriceCheck!

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