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Nature’s nectar

Nature’s nectar

Hilton’s Alexa Christopher discovered her passion moving from rainy England to the sunny skies of South Africa. And she is loving the fresh, healthy lifestyle that country living offers.

In Afrikaans, there is a saying that translates to; what the heart is full of, the mouth will run over with. Alexa Christopher’s heart overflows with goodness. Not only is she an advocate of healthy eating, she also meets strangers as friends. When you meet this young Hilton woman, you instantly feel at home in her company. She radiates a wholesomeness that goes beyond healthy eating. She describes her diet as well as her juice range, The Nectar Co, as organic plant-based wholesome eating.
She lives with her husband and three children on a farm in Hilton. “Living on a farm is a very different lifestyle than what I’m used to. Being close to nature is calming and fulfilling. This inspires me to harvest the goodness of nature and consume only what is good for you. Eventually I felt like I had to share this with others and that is how this all started.”

That is why taking care of your body should be a primary focus in everyone’s life

She was born and raised in Norwich, which is a city in England. “I had a happy childhood. While England is known for its bad weather, this never stopped my brother and I from exploring the outside world. My fondest memory is cooking with my mother, she always allowed me to experiment and try new things in the kitchen.”
Alexa’s mother sadly passed away from breast cancer when she was only 21. “Sometimes people tend to think that breast cancer only affects certain women in certain countries. I think it’s important to realise that this is a global issue. That is why taking care of your body should be a primary focus in everyone’s life.”
She went on to train as a physiotherapist and worked in London before she met her husband, James, at a party through mutual friends. “James was born and raised in Ladysmith, KZN, and was in England on a working holiday. There was an instant connection between us and before long, we were married.”
The couple relocated to South Africa when they expected their first child. At first they tried out South African city life, but Alexa wanted to experience the calm and tranquility of country life. “We decided to settle in Hilton, where James now farms with Proteas.”
Immigrating to a new country is not as easy as it might sound. “It’s an adjustment, the culture is completely different and the hardest thing for me was leaving my friends and family behind. I still miss them. James is my rock and his family is always there to support us.”
It’s been three years since they settled in Hilton and their family has expanded with the birth of their twin girls. “Motherhood to me is all about keeping calm, juggling things and learning as you go.”

Her juicing kitchen is on their farm. “Coming out here gave me the opportunity to start something new. I love cooking and with my physio background, I mixed the two together and something amazing was born. Eating fruit and vegetables here is so much easier because the weather is always beautiful. The impact of food on health and wellness, especially as one gets older, is phenomenal. I feel that you have one body, so why not feel the best you possibly can.
I can happily say I’m healthier now than I’ve ever been in my life. With juice, the options and combinations are almost limitless. I source produce from reputable farmers and as far as possible organic. This does make the process more expensive, but I want to be the best out there. I don’t want to simply stick a label on; that means nothing at the end. I want my product to be full of natural goodness. I want to be proud of it.”
Getting her young children to also eat healthy is important for her. Sometimes it can be challenging, but this innovative mother came up with a great idea to motivate them. “Harry is five now, while the twins, Caroline and Rachel, are three. I find that when I get them involved in the process of growing fruits and veggies and give them a task in the preparation process, they’re more excited to eat the healthier options.”

Every second year we enjoy a white Christmas

Christmas time is a very special time of the year for the Christopher family. “One year my family will come to visit us and the next year we go to visit them. This year it will be our turn to visit them. We are very fortunate to be able to teach our children about all their heritage. It’s always special to show them where I grew up and have them walking in the same streets I walked in as a young girl. My father is a wonderful man and I’m so lucky to have him in my life, and for my children to know him is a blessing. Every second year we enjoy a white Christmas. This means cuddling around the fireplace with some hot chocolate and Christmas carols. London is an amazing sight this time of year, with thousands of beautiful lights. It might be cold, but since I grew up there, I know what type of clothes to wear to be comfortable outside. When my children are a little older, we will continue the tradition of Christmas Mass at Norwich Cathedral.”

What she loves most about her life in South Africa is the outdoor culture. “James and I go jogging every day and with both of us working for ourselves, we get to spend a lot of time together as a family. This is a very different lifestyle to what we would have had if we had decided to stay in the UK. I think ultimately we made the best choice for our family moving here.”


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