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Hair Transitioning Tips From Long & Lasting

Hair Transitioning Tips From Long & Lasting

Hair TransitIoning From Relaxed Hair To Natural Hair

 Relaxers are used to straighten and soften the hair making the hair easier to style and if these products are correctly used then there is very little risk associated. However there is an increasing trend to move away from relaxed to natural hair and the Long & Lasting range caters for these choices.

When growing your natural hair remember to keep the hair and scalp clean and nourished by washing at least every 2 weeks. Then apply a leave-in conditioner, for example try the NEW Long & Lasting Leave-in Conditioner with Protein and Olive Oil and apply Long & Lasting Excel-E Nourisher or Long & Lasting Anti-dandruff Hair Food to the scalp every 3 days. Do a treatment every 2 – 4 weeks to nourish and protect the previously relaxed hair to prevent shedding, use Long & Lasting Cholesterol Treatment for extra strengthening.

To grow your natural hair without cutting the previously relaxed hair try different styles such as weaves, braids, dreadlocks, cornrows, etc. Take daily care of your chosen style by applying the specific aftercare product such as Long & Lasting Silicone Serum for weaves or Long & Lasting Braid & Dreads Spray for braids, dreadlocks or cornrows.

Natural hair is brittle and dry and therefore prone to shedding so the key to a successful transition is to moisturize, moisturize and moisturize every step of the way. As the natural hair grows trim the ends of the previously relaxed hair every 4 – 6 weeks to strengthen the hair and reduce shedding.

These tips were written by Royal Kulakade – sales consultant for Long & Lasting

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Nothing beats that confident feeling you have when your hair looks shiny and well cared for, and feels just as great to the touch.  Keeping hair healthy and well-nourished is the key to healthy growth.

Started by a pharmacist over 18 years ago, Long and Lasting is passionate about healthy hair.  We have developed an extensive tried-and-tested range of gentle and safe products that work, so that you can love the hair you were born with.

Long and Lasting has spent years working closely with women and hair stylists to better understand the unique needs of African hair, as well as the damaging effects of our harsh South African climate.  Made with high quality ingredients, Long and Lasting products have been scientifically formulated to nourish hair and are quality tested.

From oil moisturisers that keep hair shiny and conditioned to gentle easy-to-use relaxer kits to braid sprays that protect and moisten the scalp, Long and Lasting cares for every aspect of your hair with reliable and easy-to-use solutions.  Our long-lasting formulas and soothing ingredients like rosemary, avocado butter and coconut, let you rest assured that your hair and scalp will be nurtured 24/7.

So, why waste time worrying about your hair, when we do all the hard work for you?   

Choose the confident care of Long and Lasting, and get on with your life, beautifully, with confidence.

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