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Magic in music

Magic in music

Newcastle’s Anton Fitchat is chasing his dreams of becoming a successful musician and he is not going to allow anything to stand in his way.

The stage is where Newcastle’s Anton Fitchat feels most alive. Watching the crowd dance and enjoy his music is why he has struggled to break into the local music industry for the past decade. “The music industry is a very competitive world and the only way to achieve success is through relentless work and determination. If you want to see your dreams become a reality, you can never give up or allow disappointments to get you down.”
This young singer was born and raised in Utrecht, and thanks to the encouragement from his family and community, he always knew that he was going to perform. “Growing up in such a small community was a privilege. While most large town and city children spend their days in front of some sort of screen, I spent my childhood days playing at the dam, at the local swimming pool, riding bicycles and visiting friends. There is a special type of freedom in a small community that is completely lost to many children these days.”

There was just one thing I needed to overcome if I wanted to see my dreams come true and that was my fear of the stage

While he did sing in the primary school choir, it was not until he entered the local ‘Kosmosfees’ talent competition that he realised where his heart really lay. “I was 17 when I entered our Kosmosfees talent competition. When I got up on stage to sing, watching the sea of faces before me, I suddenly realised this is what I wanted to do with my life. They danced and sang along with me, and I remember feeling happier than I’ve ever felt.”
Despite having confidence in his sound, he suffered from terrible stage fright.
“There was just one thing I needed to overcome if I wanted to see my dreams come true and that was my fear of the stage. So I went to Pretoria, where I enrolled at a vocal academy. There I learned to fine-tune my voice and they taught me healthy ways to cope with the stage.”

He sang at various events throughout Northern KZN and rubbed shoulders with big names in the South African music industry. “From there, my journey really began. I met wonderful artists who taught me so much. I even took part in the Patricia Lewis hosted ‘Supersterre,’ where I had the opportunity to work with talented singers.”
In the meantime, he decided that he was going to write his own songs. “I have written six songs so far and with the help of fantastic producers, my songs have really come to life. Every song I write is a story; each one is a unique story. My songs are primarily about love.”
Social media has proven to be a powerful tool for this talented singer. “We are in the age of communication, there are so many tools available to us, and it comes down to identifying these tools and using them to your advantage. I have had the honour of working with a fantastic producer who is helping me get my first album released. Releasing an album is a slow process. As with most forms of art, it takes months of hard work to make sure the final product is exactly what you want it to be. The album is scheduled for release later this year.”

This certainly doesn’t mean that Anton will just be working on his album, as he has big plans for 2018.
“Through my journey in the music industry, I have met incredible people, some of whom I have formed lasting relationships with. While the music industry is a very competitive world, you can find friends.”
With his bubbly personality and ever optimistic streak, he has done just that. “For this year, we are planning shows with five of us. Henry Alant, Marle Fourie, Karlien Husselman, Anthony McGee and I have come a long way together and we decided to take to the stages in the country and wow our audiences with our talent. So far, the bookings are coming in hot and fast, and we are super excited. 2018 is going to be our year.”
While he enjoys most types of music, he draws inspiration from Afrikaans, pop, country and jazz. “I like ballads, but as a musician, there are just so many ballads you can perform. You don’t want the crowd to just stare at you. I want them to dance and enjoy the music. So many of my songs are upbeat and full of positive energy.”

I have a busy life, but that is just the way I like it

Many of his songs have settled nicely in some of the country’s top radio stations’ top 20 lists. “It’s an incredible feeling when your songs are in the top 20. My songs reached that position in the Cape, Bloemfontein and even a New Zealand radio station. They hang around in the top 20 for months on end. While I do put my heart and soul into my music, my success so far is ultimately due to my unfailing faith in God and the support from music lovers.”
His might be a name to watch in the music world, but there is more to Anton than just beautiful music. While working on his music career, he also studied marketing. “I have a busy life, but that is just the way I like it. Sitting idle is not going to make your dreams come true. In my spare time, I arrange events. Most of the events I arrange have something to do with music. I feel, as a musician myself, it is important to give other musicians the opportunity for exposure. Coming up with interesting ideas to host musical events is another one of my passions.”

Holding down a full-time job as a marketing manager, writing songs, working on his album and arranging events for the community is not an easy task. “I believe, if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life and I am lucky enough to do what I love, so it is an absolute pleasure for me.”
On the rare occasion when Anton has time to himself, he likes to spend that time with family. “Family is a priority to me. You just never know how much time you really have with the people you love. Taking things for granted is just not my style. I try to stay humble, as I know that everything we have and everything we achieve in life is not through our own strength, but purely through unmerited favour.”


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