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If you have a wall – you can have a garden!

If you have a wall – you can have a garden!

In today’s life of cramped living and the increasing price of food, the need for small space gardening and healthy living has never been more important. Thanks to durable vertical gardens you can now grow your own herbs and veggies right on your doorstep or patio. Vertical planters are ideal for a multitude of plants – either plant a selection of flowers to bring a bit of sunshine to a dull spot or grow a crop of your own salad greens or herbs for your favourite dishes. You can now also create your own compost right in your kitchen. The Bokashi Composter is the perfect composting solution for every home. This compact unit is the perfect solution to get rid of all your kitchen waste (including bones!)

Ready-to-use Pocket Panels
Ready-to-use pocket panels that are easy to install and easy to maintain. Where space is limited, vertical gardens are the ideal solution.

If you have a wall – you can have a garden! The pockets are large enough to grow most herbs and vegetables.

Install your vertical garden and you won’t look back. Experience the joy of eating your own, locally grown, fresh vegetables and herbs.
Available in 2, 4, 5, 10 and 15 pocket panel options.
Price: R140 – R590
Buy online at

Vegetable Planters
Ideal for growing a selection of salads, vegetables, and herbs.

Each set includes 3 varying sized planters made from heavy duty woven polyethylene.

Each planter has a built-in support hoop to keep its shape with drainage holes in their base.

Re-use them season after season.

Price: R287
Buy online at www.tanyavisser.com

Hanging Strawberry Vegetable Planters
Now you can keep your strawberries away from all those ground pests. With 7 planting pockets, planting strawberries has never been this easy. Made from heavy duty polyethylene, you can hang your strawberry planter for easy access.

Price: R215
Buy online at www.tanyavisser.com


Bokashi Probiotic Fermented Bran
Bokashi is an all-natural wheat bran inoculated with probiotics. It can be used to safely compost food waste preventing odours, flies and vermin.
Price: R87 (1kg) and R240 (3kg)
Buy online at www.tanyavisser.com


Bokashi Composter (Indoor food waste recycler)
Improve your soil quality by adding food waste from a Bokashi Composter. This nifty bin works in conjunction with Probio Bokashi in breaking down food waste anaerobically (without the presence of oxygen and in a sealed system). There are no smells, mess or hassle. It is quick, easy, and simple to use.
Size: 18L
Price: R530
Buy online at


Liquid Bokashi
This new product is the first in South Africa of its kind! A probiotic spray to ferment food waste, to be used with the Bokashi Composter. It’s so easy to use!
Just spray 3 to 5 sprays on the food waste to stop it putrefying and smelling foul.
One bottle should last 4 to 6 composters.
Price: R98 (500ml)
Buy online at www.tanyavisser.com

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