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follow your heart

follow your heart

Glencoe songbird Sonishka Singh talks about her passion for education, food, music and family and how she wants to experience as much as she can before dedicating herself to just one of her many interests

There are so many things that get Sonishka Singh excited about life. This young Glencoe woman aims to live life to the full, and try as many things as she can before deciding which path she will take. “I have a passion for people and what I love most is to teach people something new, make them realise that they are capable of things they never thought possible. The best way to do that is by teaching children.”
She grew up in the Glencoe/Dundee area with her parents and her sister. Six years ago, things abruptly changed for the Singh family. “It was the December holiday, just before I started high school. I remember the prospect of high school was pretty stressful for me. We took a quick break as a family and slipped away to Gauteng for a week. My father passed away during that week. Returning home, I remember the empty feeling. It took some time for me to realise that he was not there anymore.”
Both her father and mother come from large families, and it was their love and support that pulled them through. “That is the thing about family, the reason they are so important. When the going gets tough, the family pulls together. It’s like one matchstick can easily be broken, but try break a bunch, it’s just not going to be that easy.”

Life presents us with so many wonderful opportunities and I think it’s important for us to dive in and enjoy as many things as possible before settling for just one

Instead of allowing her pain to break her, she used it to inspire her to enjoy life more. “I’m interested in so many different things, from interior decorating to fashion designing to drawing, music, singing and cooking. Life presents us with so many wonderful opportunities and I think it’s important for us to dive in and enjoy as many things as possible before settling for just one.”
Her initial dream was to join the military and eventually be a chef. “I love cooking. When I get nervous, I cook; when I’m sad, I cook; when I’m happy… I cook.
I still think that joining the military and gaining skills and experience on such a large scale is a fantastic option. It was the thought of being so far away from my family on a permanent basis that was just too much for them to bear. After a lot of thought, I realised that leaving them and going against their wishes would be selfish of me. I would, however, recommend it to anyone who wants to take their passion further. It was just not the right thing for me.”
When she left school, her mother bought her a franchise which teaches children between the ages of six and 12 to understand and love maths. “Teachers have such an influence on the lives of the children they teach. A teacher has the power to make or break a child.

Maths is a language and when you finally get it, you realise what a beautiful language it actually is

I was so fortunate to have amazing English teachers both in primary and high school. They encouraged me to read, not just read, but to love it and to love English as a whole. I learnt so much from them, their passion was contagious. Children are like dry sponges, they soak up everything, both good and bad.
Many children feel overwhelmed by the prospect of maths, so I want to open that door for them to see that they can do it. All they need is to take it slow and be given individual attention so that they can find that eureka moment. If you have a good foundation in maths, you have a solid place to work from. Their walk with maths in the grades ahead will be so much more easy. Maths is a language and when you finally get it, you realise what a beautiful language it actually is.”
This passionate teacher has always enjoyed singing. “If I’m not talking, I’m singing, and I talk a lot and sing a lot! Last year, I took up guitar lessons with Mo Karrim. I also sing in a worship group. As a teenager, I found myself drawn to religion. I believe our religion guides us on the right path. Although I am Hindu, I respect all religions. Whatever speaks to your soul and makes you a better person, I respect that.
I enjoy the aura of people coming together in worship.”
This song bird has big plans for next year. “I want to take part in the 2019 The Voice. I don’t plan on entering this to win it. I want to have that experience of being there with others who also love music and singing. Perhaps rub shoulders with old hands in the business and just soak up some knowledge from them. It’s an adventure and I believe that is what life is all about, finding your path and having the best time with it.”
She is very excited about the possibilities awaiting her. “Who knows what I will do in five years’ time. I’m excited about the journey. With the love and support of my family, I know we can weather any storm. Trials bring us together and make the bond stronger.”


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