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7 tips for smooth and radiant skin this winter

7 tips for smooth and radiant skin this winter

Winter is the time to snuggle up or take long, hot baths. Spend more time indoors with those nearest and dearest, but it’s also the time for itchy, dry skin if you don’t take care to moisturise properly. Here’s some tips to make sure your skin stays healthy and moisturised this winter

Exfoliate your skin – gently removing a build-up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin will allow the skin to absorb moisturising ingredients and restore your skin’s natural barrier function.
Hydrate overnight – using super hydrating serums and creams at night will comfort the skin and encourage a healthy, glowing skin.
Use a hydrating face mask – the active ingredients contained in a good-quality hydrating mask will give your winter skin the boost it needs twice or even three times a week.
Sunscreen – it is vital to remember that we need to protect our skin from harmful UV rays every day even when it is grey and cold outside – all light sources contain UV rays.
Wash the skin with lukewarm water – not hot – and immediately moisturise once your skin is dry – also pat the skin, don’t rub, with a soft, clean towel.
Include a serum to give the skin an extra boost – Try using an oil-based serum such as the Naturals Beauty Anti-Aging Serum with certified organic rose hip oil which gives your skin what it needs and more.
Dry Body Brushing – brushing the skin daily is an incredible practice for many reasons: it exfoliates, it starts your lymphatic system, it increases circulation and it warms you up – skin is visibly glowing and toned after regular, consistent body brushing.

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