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The Hall story

The Hall story

The Pietermaritzburg Hall family talks about their journey to success and where they see their family business in the future

Stick It, Clean It, Paint It and Light It. That sums up all the offerings that Hall’s Retail has been servicing the greater Pietermaritzburg and Midlands area with for the past 29 years. Founding members Barry and Jenny Hall started the business in 1989 after seeing a need in the market for a one-stop DIY store that covered anything from painting to beautiful lighting.
They were really on point with their decision to open this retail store, as year on year they continued to grow as the need grew with them and now find themselves on the verge of bringing Hall’s Retail to a World Class Brand.
Andrew and Martin Hall, sons of Barry and Jenny, now have the reigns and are running this family oriented store in the same manner that their parents had always envisioned.
“It is all about watching the market closely and paying attention to new trends that would appeal to the consumer and making sure that we fulfill these needs”, says Andrew. “There is not a day that goes by that Martin and I don’t spend time on the floor interacting with customers to get valuable feedback.

 Family, respect, communication, creativity, teamwork and service. I really feel this is why we have remained a front runner in our line of business

Our father taught us when we joined the company in 2004 that we must always stay true to our core values, which are family, respect, communication, creativity, teamwork and service. I really feel this is why we have remained a front runner in our line of business”.
Barry on the other hand is devoted to ensuring that the staff are able to meet any client’s expectation which rings true to the value system once again. “Communication is so vital and when you are busy choosing a paint colour for your home or a new lighting system or chandelier, you need that experience to be as personal as possible.
Our staff know that we are not limited to what is available on the floor or on display but that we offer a wide range of catalogues as well in order to really meet your needs.
We really go out of our way to be approachable and knowledgeable”.

We know that they have the same visions as we do and have been equipped with all the tools they need in order to ensure the visions become reality

Taking over from their parents in 2004, did not mean that Barry and Jenny were no longer going to be involved in the business. It merely meant that their time could now be divided between doing all the things they love to do and still being involved in the business that they started. This of course included spending some time in the store and touching base with suppliers, customers, and staff. “It was definitely easier for us to become more flexible knowing that we had left the business in the capable hands of Andrew and Martin. After all, this has been a very big part of their lives while growing which means it is in their blood.
We know that they have the same visions as we do and have been equipped with all the tools they need in order to ensure the visions become reality,” explains Jenny proudly.
Jenny smiles from her seat next to her husband and you can sense that she is also completely content with where things are at the moment, “we are currently busy looking at options of brand growth throughout South Africa through franchise outlets, and then of course after that will be the ultimate point of becoming a world class brand.
The boys are doing an amazing job and it is very empowering watching them use all the systems and policies that both Barry and I put into place all those years ago to ensure that the everyday running of the business continues”.
“We are proud of our products and expertise and work hard to assist every customer to make the best of their Hall’s experience”, says Andrew.
The Hall family has a wonderful story to tell of where they started, what made them the ‘go to’ name in their industry today and also why they have decided to really make their business all about in the shopping experience.
“We are also very honoured to still have our parents with us in order to push back on every now and then when we encounter situations that we haven’t found ourselves in before”, says Martin, “please do come and pay a visit to our store soon so you too can experience the values that the Hall family have to offer. We have spent years formulating and improving each of our products with advancing technology and practice. Because of this we can guarantee that all of our products are of the absolute highest quality and standard”.


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