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Garden tasks for spring

Garden tasks for spring

Spring has arrived, the garden is coming alive. Here are five garden tasks to help the garden on its way.

* Boost spring flowering annuals with a liquid fertiliser like Margaret Roberts Organic Supercharger and summer perennials with Vigorosa.
* Water deeply once a week or twice if day temperatures start to rise) and mulch beds to keep them moist.
* In warm, frost free areas, summer annuals like asters, marigolds, zinnias, bedding dahlias, nasturtium, phlox, portulaca, Shirley poppy, lavatera, cosmos, cornflower, and cleome.
* There is still time to divide and replant clumps of perennials, prune hydrangeas and a trim groundcovers.
* Water lawns once a week or every second week, fertilise with 5:1:5 if you didn’t do so in August and start mow regularly. To encourage the lawn to establish deep roots, which makes it more drought tolerant, set the blades high so that the grass blades are a little longer than usual.

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