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Boost your brain power

Boost your brain power

With the exams in full swing and stress levels at an all time high. It’s time to bring in something that can pack an energizing punch.

It’s that time of year again. Stress levels are running high! You need enough energy to get you through these important end of year tasks.  NRF B-Complex might be the answer! This fizzy tablet makes a delicious, cranberry flavoured drink with antioxidants which helps to boost energy effectively. As well as vitamin B. Take one tablet every day in half a glass of water to give you the energy boost you need.

NRF B-Complex is free from Tartrazine, aspartame, gluten, preservatives and yeast and is safe for diabetics. It is not recommended for use during pregnancy or for small children as it does contain a small amount of caffeine.

NRF B-Complex fizzy is available from Dis-Chem and independent pharmacies for R59.99.

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