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10 ways to make a small living room look bigger

Claire Gibson, from leading furniture manufacturer, La-Z-Boy, offers some advice on how to make the most of a small living room.
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If you have a wall – you can have a garden!

In today’s life of cramped living and the increasing price of food, the need for small space gardening and healthy living has never been more important. Thanks to durable vertical gardens you can now grow your own herbs and veggies right on your doorstep or patio. Vertical planters are ideal for a multitude of plants – either plant a selection of flowers to bring a bit of sunshine to a dull spot or grow a crop of your own salad greens or herbs for your favourite dishes. You can now also create your own compost right in your kitchen. The Bokashi Composter is the perfect composting solution for every home. This compact unit is the perfect solution to get rid of all your kitchen waste (including bones!)
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Do renovations increase the house price?

Whether you are renovating your house to create more space, rejuvenate or to put it in the market, getting to grips with how renovations impact the sale price will help you make an informed decision.
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Kraaines Interiors

The most beautiful decor and furniture shop in KZN.
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How to Make an Organisation Station

Suzelle DIY… Because anybody can!
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Synthetic grass, “Growing trend” or short time fad?

The popularity of synthetic grass is currently exploding with the majority of flooring and carpeting companies having varieties in their assortment.
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Summer is a time of entertaining at home with a house full of happy guests. Which means now is the best time to give it a quick refresh before the holiday invasion.
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