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Roast chicken with stout, rosemary and honey

A delicious treat for Tuesday dinner
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How to Make Chow Mein with Ken Hom

Ken Hom makes an easy chow mein recipe using just a handful of flavoursome ingredients and a simple chow mein sauce
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How to Make Pineapple Macarons!

Pineapple macarons – the perfect treat to enjoy a summers afternoon!
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Crispy Cordon Bleu Recipe!

A great dinner recipe, comforting and delicious.
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North African poached eggs

A colourful twist to make a fresh, spicy and deliciously different dish that won’t take you longer than 20 minutes to make. Perfect brunch
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Rooibos cocktail craze

We’re huge fans of Rooibos … and aren’t in the slightest bit surprised to hear that a Rooibos cocktail movement has taken over bars across the world’s cocktail capitals. This season it appears our fave tea is the mixologists favourite party mixer, too. Besides being a base for some seriously delish summer cocktails, Rooibos is also good for you … it contains no fat or carbohydrates but does have disease-preventing antioxidants, which protects against cancer, heart disease, and strokes
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How To Make Focaccia

Old pals Jamie & Gennaro show you how to make two different focaccia recipes. Gennaro opts for simple tomato and basil flavours, while Jamie adds crushed potatoes, fresh thyme and a handful of gorgonzola. Soft, fluffy bread with delicious toppings – you’ll be hard pressed not to eat these straight from the oven! Serve alone or with cured meats for a tasty and filling snack.
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