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How to find the right shoes for your foot shape

How to find the right shoes for your feet? Shoe sizes vary depending on the country. The toe shape needs to be different based on your foot shape (Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Square or Germanic are teh main foot shapes).
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Beginner Morning Yoga for Women

This is a 10 minute easy morning yoga routine for beginners! Start your day right with this energizing wake up vinyasa yoga flow that will focus on kick starting your body and mind for an amazing day ahead
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100 Years of Jeans

Take a look at the history of denim and blue jeans, from the overalls of the early 1900s to the high-waisted jeans of the 2010s.
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Is your handbag a health hazard?

A woman’s handbag contains many of the essentials she needs to meet the demands of her world – but, according to studies, it also contains more bacteria than an average toilet seat
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Decreasing stress

Let’s introduce some more calm into our lives
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How to make a braided braid hairstyle

Try something new with your hair. This braided braid is absolutely amazing!
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healthy skincare tips

The solutions to clear, healthy and glowing skin are more simple than you’re made to believe
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