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When your journey starts to feel a bit bumpy, try adjusting your wellness wheel

If you had to ask someone what ‘wellness’ means, more often than not, their response would include long stretches of ‘ers’ and ‘ums’. Is it being healthy? Is it that feeling you get from a bubble bath after a long day or is it spending quality time with (or without) the kids?
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Be energy efficient and beat the winter blues

Last month, Eskom’s direct customers started paying 2.2% more for electricity. In July, Municipal customers will also have to take this hike into account. With budgets already stretched to capacity, consumers have to be much smarter about how they use electricity in the home
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Tips for parents on how to survive exam time

Exam time is often stressful for children, but many parents suffer from exam anxiety too, worrying about their kids’ performance and even revision.
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Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

We all know to keep up the hydration during summer. But come winter, we sometimes let it slip a little
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How to help your student child transition to adulthood

Students need to start preparing for their adult lives and the world of work incrementally at university, but many of them may be reluctant to do so
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How to style necklaces

How to style a statement necklace? What are the different types of necklaces?
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Celebrate your dad this month with HANNON!

Your dad might always seem to get you the perfect gift (probably with some help from your mom), but when Father’s Day rolls around, your potential gift list may seem woefully bare
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