Health & Beauty

5 Ways to Style Bangs

Here are 5 different ways to style your fringe!
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Girls Ages 5-18 Talk About What Beauty Means to Them

How do kids today define beauty?
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Do it yourself

Easy Greeting Card Mother’s Day – Step by Step
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How To: Simple bunTutorial

This simple hairstyle is quick enough to do in the morning before work, yet elegant enough to wear to a fancy formal event.
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Watch Meghan Markle do her makeup in an Uber with Bobbie Brown

Just a few months after the royal bride-to-be started dating Prince Harry in 2016, she hopped in an Uber with makeup mogul Bobbi Brown to try out some new products (Retouching Pencils and Retouching Wands) and show off how good she is at doing her own makeup!
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10 essential accessories

If you have a capsule wardrobe, you need to make sure that your accessories work with all the clothes in your closet, so it is smart to take accessories that match your neutral pieces. Feel free to add more colorful
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100 Years of Blush

Explore the history of blush over the last hundred years, from round circles of rouge in the 1920s to the highlighter-heavy blush looks of the present day.
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