Pay your takkie tax!

National Tekkie Tax Day has been part of the South African calendar for the last four years and this time around we’re celebrating it on Friday 26 May. This campaign gives you the opportunity to show with your feet where your heart lies. Choose your sticker for a cause close to your heart, spunk up your tekkies with a funky pair of our Tekkie Tag shoelaces and you are ready for National Tekkie Tax Day!
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Five money mistakes retirees must avoid

Retirement planning is an ongoing process; in fact once retirement starts it becomes all the more important to make wise investment decisions
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With the Automobile Association forecasting a fuel price increase of up to 55 cents per litre, already cash-strapped consumers will have to make the most of every tank of fuel
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The costs to consider when getting a new pet

April 29th marks World Veterinary Day, where people across the globe take a moment to celebrate their pets, and, most importantly, the veterinarians who keep them alive and healthy. The day was initiated in 2000 by the World Veterinary Association and is celebrated annually on the last Saturday of April
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Beware when buying and selling online

Online classifieds have become a hive of activity where millions of people trade. Criminals know this all too well and are ready to capitalise on unsuspecting buyers and sellers
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10 affordable ways to increase the value of your home

Massive renovations don’t always deliver the best return on investment when you’re selling your home, so if you’re borrowing money to make home improvements, consider those relatively inexpensive aesthetic changes that can substantially increase its appeal
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Let girls be girls: choosing clothing that works for your daughter

There are few things in life more fulfilling than watching your child find her feet in the world. Being able to run freely, skip confidently and explore without limitation are crucial parts of a child’s development, and the last thing they need are clothes that hold them back from their next great adventure
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